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SEQRITE is Quick Heal's Enterprise Security brand. Our enterprise security tools and other state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions proactively safeguard the IT assets of businesses and respond against cyber-attacks, comply with regulatory and compliance frameworks. Also, SEQRITE's enterprise security services include governance & risk assessments, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Incident Response and managed cybersecurity services.

SEQRITE offers a highly advanced range of enterprise and IT security solutions to protect your organization's most critical data. We are one of the leading information technology (IT) and data security companies for Corporates, PSUs, Government and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. Over the years, we have made a mark for providing a range of cybersecurity services to a varied clientele.

Pioneers of Enterprise Cybersecurity
Pioneers of Enterprise Cybersecurity

From infrastructure to applications to devices, we never stop researching trends and designing solutions against new and unknown cyber threats.

Indigenous and simplified security solutions
Indigenous and simplified security solutions

At SEQRITE, we have answers for all your enterprise security requirements with endpoint protection, gateway protection and server-level protection.

Multi-Channel Customer Support
Multi-Channel Customer Support

We provide strong customer support for all your web security needs through our online chat, support forum, email, remote and on-site assistance (where applicable).

Presence in over 80 countries
Presence in over
80 countries

We have a presence across 36 Indian cities with over 64 offices, and over 19000 partners across 80+ countries, as well as offices in Japan, Kenya, the USA and Dubai.

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Introducing the SEQRITE Hawkk Platform

A unified cloud-native framework that powers the next generation of enterprise security software solutions to solve real-world customer problems


Enterprise-grade Centralized Security Management platform, which integrates industry-leading Endpoint Security (EPS) and SEQRITE mSuite (EMM) solutions into a unified console to help you improve enterprise security.

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ransomware removal tool

XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) + SOAR platform for Advanced Protection, Threat Hunting and Incident Response, empowering security teams with comprehensive visibility, superior defenses and automated remediation procedures to stop hidden threats.

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Endpoint & Data Protection

Complete enterprise security with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for advanced endpoint and data protection.

A monitor showing SEQRITE Endpoint Security Software Dashboard.
Mobile Device Management Android

Enterprise Mobility Management

SEQRITE EMM allows enterprises to grant their employees the privilege of productivity even beyond the physical boundaries of their offices while keeping the company data safe. Increase the productivity of your enterprise by mobilizing the workforce while ensuring your critical data is absolutely secure. Separate official and personal data by creating a virtual partition on employee-owned devices using BYOD ecosystem.

  • Enterprise mobility management

    Increase the productivity of your enterprise by mobilizing the workforce while ensuring your critical data is absolutely secure.

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  • EMM mobile device management

    Separate official data from personal data by creating a virtual partition on employee-owned devices in a BYOD ecosystem.

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Unified Threat Management

One-stop solution for all enterprise security needs. With the UTM appliance as your first line of defence, your network is secure, and your employees can focus solely on productivity and business impact.

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UTM Security
Data Auditing

SEQRITE Services

We help businesses simplify IT security and accentuate performance with our expert cybersecurity management & consulting services. SEQRITE also offers hands-on cybersecurity training across the spectrum of Security Teams, IT Teams, Incident Responders and Board & Senior Management. Some of our information and cybersecurity services are classified below:

Proactive Services

  • Technical Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Red Team Audit
  • Security Management
  • Security Consulting

Active Services

  • Security Operations Centre
  • Real-Time Monitoring

Reactive Services

  • CERT as a Service
  • Investigation
  • Forensics
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