Unified Threat Management

A one-stop solution for all enterprise security needs. With the Unified Threat Management Software appliance as your first line of defense, your network is secure and your employees can focus solely on productivity and business impact. Seqrite Unified Threat Management is ideal for small & medium businesses and SOHOs, which are at greater risk of cyberattacks. 

Our UTM device is a complete security package comprised of vital tools, including UTM firewall and high-grade intrusion prevention systems.

SEQRITE has announced the End-of-Life (EOL) milestones for Unified Threat Management (UTM) - Software and Hardware. Please note that this End of Life (EOL) announcement will not impact End-Users with active SEQRITE UTM - Software and Hardware subscriptions. Such customers will continue to avail of support until the end of the validity of their respective subscription period. Please refer this document to know the important End-of-Life Milestones for SEQRITE UTM.

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Firewall - Denies everything and allows only what is needed


Intrusion prevention system - Scrutinizes network traffic in real-time.


Gateway Antivirus - Scans incoming & outgoing network traffic at the gateway level.  


Web Filtering - Blocks non-business web traffic to reduce load on enterprise bandwidth.

Get the Unified Threat Management Solution

  • High-Availability of UTM appliances round-the-clock
  • Central console to effortlessly manage distributed UTM appliances
  • Scans at gateway level to block spam and phishing emails
  • Ease of access with Single Sign-On
  • Block internet traffic from different countries
  • Multiple authentication servers
  • Integrated DNS server

Get the luxury of multiple security programs bundled in one device


With the Seqrite UTM device, admins can permit or block access for traffic between internal and external networks based on enterprise compliance policies. The UTM firewall works on the base rule “deny everything, then allow only what is needed”; no incoming requests can directly reach the internal network. This compartmentalised internet traffic provides you with an enhanced data security while creating a highly secure UTM network.

Intrusion Prevention System

Our cutting-edge Unified Threat Management system scrutinises network traffic in real-time and forestalls a broad range of DoS and DDoS attacks before they penetrate the network. This adds a layer of defense against more persistent cyberattacks and nullifies intrusion attacks at the entry point. 

Gateway Antivirus

Seqrite UTM scans the entire incoming and outgoing network traffic at the gateway level via an integrated gateway antivirus. This process acts as the first line of defense and augments existing virus solutions by reducing the window of vulnerability (WoV).

Web & DNS Filtering

Allows blocking of non-business related web traffic including streaming media sites, downloads, instant messaging, etc. to reduce unnecessary load on enterprise bandwidth. Admins can exercise group-based bandwidth management and even limit bandwidth usage at the individual user level. 

High Availability (HA)

The high-availability rate ensures that the UTM appliance is available at all times. Seqrite Unified Threat Management appliance features in-built active and passive redundancy, along with manual as well as automatic synchronization.

Centralized Management System (CMS)

An integrated solution that allows management and regulation of multiple UTM appliances, deployed at different geographical locations. Seqrite UTM offers support for the MSSP portal and generates application alerts with real-time monitoring.

Gateway Mail Protection

UTM protection scans incoming/outgoing emails (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP) or attachments at the gateway level. This UTM security level blocks spam and phishing emails before they enter the network and also scans emails to block flagged keywords.

Virtual private network

Seqrite UTM provides IT administrators with a means for secure communication between the company's remote users and for building site-to-site connections. UTM network VPN supports VPN compression, NAT traversal, and DNS setting for PPTP servers.

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