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Quick Heal is changing the enterprise security name to Seqrite in order to launch a fresh initiative in the enterprise segment. Building on the foundation of products, processes and support that is built by Quick Heal, Seqrite will expand our customer reach in this segment and make inroads with an expertise in enterprise security and futuristic solutions. This focused approach towards enterprise security market will allow us to develop more advanced products, reach a wider customer base and evolve our existing support structure further to meet enterprise needs.

You will find brand new messaging from Seqrite with regards to enterprise security solutions. This will reach a new website, a brand new logo and brand position, new collaterals and print materials and new messaging aimed to show our customers the differences between home products and enterprise products. Additionally, we will also launch “Incident Response Team”(IRT), a new enterprise Service to enhance the security readiness & proactively tackle security risk of enterprise customers.

As mentioned before, Quick Heal will cater solely to home users and offer products for machines to be used at home by individual users. Seqrite will cater to the enterprise domain and target SMBs, G&I and other larger industries. Products like EPS, UTM, MDM, DLP and Cloud Security etc. will fall under the Seqrite brand and this will provide the enterprise products with a unique identity.

With the changing and evolving enterprise security world, products and technologies will also have to evolve and adapt. Cloud-based technologies and BYOD policies will become increasingly relevant, and we fully intend for our products to evolve and change as per these needs. Existing and new products will continue to deliver the same world-class products with cutting edge technology for the IT security needs of business enterprises.

This activity will begin immediately once the launch of Seqrite has been successfully completed.

Yes. Your current Quick Heal product will continue to function normally and there will be no change. You will also receive the updates and renewals like before.

Users of Quick Heal enterprise products are not compelled to migrate to the Seqrite brand, especially if they are using the latest versions which are Quick Heal Endpoint Security. The launch of Seqrite is not accompanied by new products or features so customers can continue using the same products, if they see fit. However, all Quick Heal enterprise products will eventually be shifted under the Seqrite umbrella. So if a user is upgrading to a newer version of a product, additional new licenses, adding new feature packs and renewing licenses, we recommend that user can switch to corresponding Seqrite product. This will enable him to fall under the renewed identity for the future. That being said, the launch of Seqrite does not indicate a change in products, features, license details or any other alterations.

You can direct all further questions to the Seqrite Support Center.