Seqrite Data Privacy

Balance Contextual Data Privacy with Holistic Cyber Security

Enables businesses to discover, categorize, and identify sensitive information scattered throughout corporate resources and manage requests from data subjects to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

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Best data privacy management software

Bridging the gap between security and privacy


Wide range of pre-built data connectors

Quickly and securely connect to a variety of data sources in your organization’s data landscape. Use the powerful data scan scheduler and match your data sources’ availability windows.


Enhanced data cognition

Leverage the powerful discovery, classification, and tagging engine to automatically provide deep business context to PD, PII, or other sensitive data.The data cognition engine automatically correlates subject data across your data sources to create comprehensive subject profiles.


Advanced subject-rights request management

Quickly and efficiently respond to every subject-rights request and stay in compliance with privacy laws. Use the powerful case management workflow to automatically assign and track tasks for each data source administrator.

Strengthen Cybersecurity Posture
with Context-Aware Privacy

Data Security Management

How can organizations ensure their customer data stays safe and in compliance with local and global laws?

  • Discover, classify, and label PD (personal data), PII (personally identifiable information), or other business sensitive data spread across enterprise assets based on industry regulations.
  • Conduct periodic scans across data sources, including user endpoints on several parameters, to maintain consistent data awareness across your ecosystem.
Secure Cloud Storage

How can organizations classify sensitive data in line with compliance regulations?

  • Leverage a prebuilt library with 50+ data classifiers to ensure your sensitive data is handled right.
  • Define custom classifiers to match your organization’s data definitions and compliance requirements.
  • Label your sensitive data based on defined classifiers and map to customer profiles as required.
Endpoint Security Vendors

How can organizations manage data subject rights requirements?

  • Catalogue customer profiles to keep track of confidential customer data and map data privacy preferences.
  • Locate, detect, and correlate stored data entries across source applications and databases.
  • Take advantage of multi-level workflows to stitch automated responses and effectively manage such requests.
Data Leakage Prevention
2017's WannaCry attack, reported to have affected endpoints
$0 Million
average economic impact of a successful breach
of breaches start on endpoint devices
of the above incidents are Zero-Day Attacks!

Holistic data privacy to
safeguard your organization from privacy violations

Seqrite Data Privacy categorizes and marks sensitive and critical data spread across your data landscape to fulfill your business and privacy compliance standards.

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