Seqrite Workspace

BYOD Management Software for your remote workforce

Grant your employees access to corporate data from their personal devices without fear of data theft or leakage. Seqrite Workspace allows organizations to create a virtual container on an employee-owned device to manage and protect corporate data without compromising user privacy. Now, enhance employee productivity and enterprise security in one go.

Seqrite Workspace

Protect corporate data on employee-owned devices without compromising on employee-data privacy with Seqrite Workspace

Introducing a unified console with BYOD workspace management capabilities enabling organizations to manage corporate data and applications on personal devices while ensuring employee privacy. For intuitive end-user experience, the light-weight solution comes with multiple in-built productivity apps like -

Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite
  • Email, Calendar & Contacts

    Employee can access official emails in-sync with well-integrated calendar and contacts

  • Third-party app support

    Add key business third-party/custom apps in the work profile to ensure employee collaboration and seamless business operations

  • Secure Vault

    Access a centralized repository for holding enterprise data

  • Intelligent Camera

    Secure images and sensitive data inside the Workspace

  • Secure Browser

    Organizations can gain control on what employees can view on the office browser

  • Easy Text

    Robust on-the-go text jotting tools

Reinventing Security & Productivity in the Connected Enterprise

Enterprise Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite

Segregate Business and Personal Data

Seqrite Workspace is a container that segregates enterprise and personal data, ensuring security, compliance and data transparency.

Enterprise Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite

Desktop like Experience on Mobile Devices

Employees can access their official emails configured through Office 365, G Suite, Zimbra, Zoho, IMAP/POP, etc. and synchronize it with the well-integrated calendar and contacts for a desktop-like-experience.

Enterprise Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enable ease-of-access with single sign-on through which employees do not need to set separate passwords for individual capabilities.

Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite
Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite

Reinforced Enterprise Data Repository

Comes with a single location to store and host enterprise content and media called ‘the vault.’ Data stored in this location can neither be extracted nor transferred outside of the Seqrite Workspace app.

Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

This feature blocks the ability to take screenshots, copy/paste content, and extract data from the application.

Enterprise Workspace Management & Security Software | Seqrite

Seqrite Workspace Remote - Wipe

In the unforeseen event of employee(s) going untraceable, remote-wipe feature will erase all official data from the employee’s device.


Companies relying on employees accessing business data on their personal devices


Average enterprise savings per year for each employee using their own devices


Increase in productivity when employees work on their own device

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Time gained by employees working from personally-owned devices, per day

Benefits of Seqrite Workspace

  • Improved employee experience
  • Secured enterprise data
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Immersive and engaging user interface

System Requirement

  • Workspace App

  • Administrator Web Panel

Workspace App

  • Android 6 and later versions.
  • iOS 12 and later versions.

Administrator Web Panel

  • Google Chrome (latest versions)
  • Firefox (latest versions)
  • EDGE (latest versions)
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