Seqrite MDR

A comprehensive security offering, remotely delivered by experienced professionals from Seqrite Labs, that involves detecting and responding to cyberattacks that may target our customers' IT assets, such as servers, networks, cloud workloads, email accounts, etc.

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Seqrite MDR - Managed Detection and Response

Ensuring 3600 cybersecurity for enterprises


Augment your cyber defence manifolds with human intervention.

Our automated response tools have a success rate of 99.9% in blocking threats. However, detecting and responding to the remaining 0.1% (usually the most advanced ones) require additional expertise of a highly trained human. And Seqrite MDR team does just that for you.


Our comprehensive incident response ensures uninterrupted business operations.

Our service provides response assistance and SOC resource augmentation, i.e., extra manpower to your in-house security team. Our experts promptly detect, investigate, and take remediation action against potential threats on your behalf, thus ensuring a quick and reliable incident response.


We work on the source so that your business can thrive.

We inspect the underlying cause of cyber threats to minimize their recurrence which reduces disruption to your IT and security teams, employees, and customers. Our proactive measures and advisory service help your enterprise mitigate potential risks.

Meet our backbone Seqrite Labs.

Seqrite Labs comprises of the most innovative minds from all over the world. We have a strong team of Analysts, Data Scientists, Researchers, AI & Machine Learning experts, and Security Professionals who are experts in threat intelligence & hunting, data analysis, engineering, & science, adversary tracking, incident response, and so on.


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  • Seqrite MDR - Managed Detection and Response Incident Triage and Investigation
  • Seqrite MDR - Managed Detection and Response  Emergency Service
  • Seqrite MDR - Managed Detection and Response  General Service

An incident triage and investigation is initiated when SOC Manager assigns highly suspicious activities identified through Seqrite XDR to Seqrite MDR team (or is automatically assigned). The MDR team analyses these analytics to determine if the activity is a threat and whether the severity of the suspicious activity is appropriate.

Based on the nature and type of the suspicious activity, such investigation may include the following activities performed using the XDR tool:

  • Investigate host forensic data (memory, disk and system), network traffic and logs (“Client Data”)
  • Correlate collected findings and enrich with Threat Intelligence data from Seqrite and other sources.
  • Other remote investigation as deemed necessary with Seqrite MDR team.
  • Perform automated or manual Threat Hunting on historical data.
  • Contain identified malware on individual endpoints that are discovered as part of the Incident.
Seqrite MDR - Managed Detection and Response

Performs end-to-end remediation of an incident.

  • Remediation of an Incident end to end

Updates detection and response workflows and rules with additional capabilities. Delivers service summary regularly.

  • Detection and Response workflows and rules updated regularly with additional capabilities
  • Service summary delivered regularly
Seqrite MDR - Managed Detection and Response

The fastest and most precise threat detection and response:

Only with Seqrite MDR

Timing is crucial in cybersecurity. The sooner you discover an advanced persistent threat, the better you can protect your assets. Seqrite MDR keeps an eagle's eye on any suspicious activity. It acts within minutes to find out every detail of a possible threat, including the perpetrator, the target, the timing, and the trajectory, to generate immediate notifications.

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Critical Features of Seqrite MDR


Incident Response

Acts promptly on suspicious activities reported in Seqrite XDR, triage, and investigates with strict SLAs for critical alerts.


Root Cause Analysis

Prepares root cause analysis report based on Seqrite XDR's reporting & investigation, and additional manual research.


Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting

Sources global and local Threat Intelligence and hunts for threats on customers' historical data daily.


Monthly Reports

Generates monthly reports on Threat & Response preparedness and performance; suggests training & improvement.

Explore Our Datasheet

Explore Our Datasheet

Experience the best-in-class solutions offered by Seqrite and how they can address the security challenges of your enterprise. Explore our key features and capabilities.

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Advanced protection that proactively detects and prevents malicious activity which may exploit application vulnerabilities.

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