Security made simple with enterprise-grade Centralized Security Management

Up your cybersecurity game with an intuitive cloud-based platform that offers a holistic security posture to integrate your cybersecurity silos, make data-driven decisions, and manage all your individual point products from a single dashboard!

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Network Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Simplify | Consolidate | Analyze | Act


Centralized Security

Simplify multiple point product central management system through a single console and maximize business agility


Powerful Analytics

Obtain real-time insights and threat intelligence to make data-driven decisions and with just a few clicks


Accelerated Actions

Streamline alerts and correlate data to derive sensible deductions and prevent zero-day attacks

A Single-Pane-Of-Truth for the Age of Digital Everything


Single Console

Cloud-based central management system on a single console to consolidate multiple endpoint security abilities and operate faster.


Simplified Investigation

Real-time dashboards give insights into the security posture of your environment to prevent attacks before disaster strikes.


Insight Analysis

Correlate data and alerts to create threat intelligence with actionable insights.


Reduced TCO

Built to maximize business agility: Get rid of redundant workflows, save time and money with faster deployment, and simpler management


Intuitive Workflows

Superior user experience keeping in mind everyday business challenges and enabling easy navigation across products.


Better Performance

Take remediation actions to ensure business security from advanced threats in real-time.


Plug & Play Solution

Flexible module-based approach to enable businesses to customize the solution to meet their specific cybersecurity needs.


Trial to Commercial Conversion

Convert your EPS Cloud AND/OR mSuite (EMM) trial license to the commercial license from the HawkkEye portal with just a few clicks. Simple, fast, and efficient, customers can now use all the features uninterrupted.


Two Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your login process with Google Authenticator. Get a verification code and login to the HawkkEye Portal safely every time.

Introducing Seqrite MSSP

Introducing SEQRITE MSSP Portal delivering superior managed security services solution for the multi & hybrid cloud era!

SEQRITE HawkkEye is now integrated with managed security services solution rendering advanced threat intelligence through the SEQRITE MSSP portal. The SEQRITE MSSP portal provides the platform for 24X7 support across people, processes, technology, and tools.

  • Seamless deployment and management of multi-tenant/multi-customer SEQRITE HawkkEye sites
  • Integrated security fabric supporting any combination of SEQRITE portfolio : EPS Cloud, mSuite, HawkkProtect, HawkkScan, and HawkkHunt XDR
  • Optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) thro' unified and comprehensive cybersecurity ecosystem
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