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Enterprise Mobility Management Software increase the productivity of your enterprise by mobilising the workforce while ensuring your critical data is absolutely secure. Seqrite mSuite provides advanced enterprise mobility management for your critical business data and safeguards from the evolving cyber threats using a cutting-edge AI-powered malware hunting engine.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) enables organisations to provide secure mobile devices to their employees while eliminating the risk of data loss and data theft. Our EMM offering is designed on four critical pillars, i.e. mobile device management (MDM), identity & access management, mobile content management, and mobile application management.

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Seqrite mSuite

Single console management for all devices

Cloud as well as on premise offering

Comprehensive mobile security and anti-theft

Remote device control and file management

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Enterprise mobility management not only creates a safe mobile ecosystem for corporations but also boosts employees’ productivity by keeping important business data secured. Seqrite mSuite enables IT administrators to remotely install work-specific applications that employees can access on-the-go, thus increases efficiency. Seqrite mSuite enables Enterprise Mobility Management that allows you to protect your mobile devices from anywhere – from the boardroom to your vacation. mSuite enables organizations to manage security of enterprise apps on the Android and iOS devices through a unified web console, thus improving the standards of endpoint mobility management. From mobile anti-theft to making your business phone the safest device, Seqrite mSuite has you covered.

  • Comprehensive app distribution & control.
  • Phishing, browsing & web protection
  • Create usage policies and device restrictions with Geo, WiFi & time fence.
  • Remote mobile file management with bulk data transfer.
  • Remote access to Android and iOS devices for robust data management.
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mSuite is powered by GoDeep.AI, Seqrite’s Artificial Intelligence enabled platform that leverages cloud-based deep learning technology to scan and defend endpoints and networks from the most advanced and dangerous, known and unknown malware.

Get the flexibility and control to secure your data on any device

SEQRITE mSuite | Mobile Device Management MDM | Seqrite

Device Management

Single console management for all devices

  • Enrol devices in seconds with Zero Touch Enrolment.
  • Enhanced enterprise mobility management with remote lock/unlock, locate/trace & device data wipe options.
  • Group devices and apply policies and configurations.
  • Real-time device tracking with map support.
  • Remote access to android and iOS devices.
  • Role and group level based task assignment.

Security Management

Comprehensive mobile security and anti-theft

  • Built-in antivirus for robust mobile phone security.
  • Remotely wipe data on lost or stolen devices.
  • Remote quick/full mobile scan.
  • Third Party SMS gateway integration for SMS notification.
SEQRITE mSuite | Mobile Device Management MDM | Seqrite
SEQRITE mSuite | Mobile Device Management MDM | Seqrite

App Management

Seamlessly manage and secure the apps running on the devices

  • Lockdown the device to single-app or multi-app kiosk mode to optimise device productivity.
  • Push customised apps and updates directly to devices.
  • Blacklist or whitelist apps.
  • Download apps on-demand through an enterprise app store.
  • Establish control over the use of apps. Determine which apps are authorised for the assigned user.

Data Monitoring & Management

Stay in control of all your critical data

  • Apply restrictions and create digital boundaries on mobile devices with WiFi, Geo and time fence.
  • Monitor data usage over mobile and WiFi networks.
  • Leverage interactive reports as well as rapid readymade reporting templates to procure instant data and graphical summaries on-the-go
  • Enhanced security with multiple default policies, which can be customized for compliance.
  • Remote file transfer.
  • Bulk file transfer from console to Android & iOS devices.
SEQRITE mSuite | Mobile Device Management MDM | Seqrite
System Requirement
  • mSuite Agent & Launcher
  • Administrator Web Panel
mSuite Agent & Launcher
  • Android 6 and later versions
  • iOS 12 and later versions
Administrator Web Panel
  • Google Chrome (latest versions)
  • Firefox (latest versions)
  • EDGE (latest versions)
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