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AI Enabled Deep Predictive Malware Hunting Technology

Our best and the most innovative malware hunting engine brings together the best of the best!

Cloud Based Deep Learning Module

The deep learning module grants Seqrite’s malware hunting engine, the power to learn and remember every single malware threat in the history of malware threats and store it in a centralized cloud.

The Advanced Behavior Detection System

It monitors and tracks activities performed by each program running in a computer. Any program displaying a behavior similar to that of a malware is immediately blocked.

DNA Scan

It is a boot time scan capable of identifying and fixing critical system files that have been infected. It’s effective even against Zero Day attacks and consumes minimal system resources.

Multilayered Defense

A combination of an AI powered engine to defend against ransomware and other malware threats coupled with an anti-keylogger to ensure total security.

Seed Analysis

Identifies every possible threat, its origination, its power, its potential impact and everything else there is and shoots it down before it gets into action.

With GoDeep.AI, your cybersecurity now plays offense!

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