India Cyber Threat Report 2023

Gain exclusive insights into the major cyber threats and enhance your understanding of India’s cyber threat landscape.

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Unmasking India's Cyber Pandemonium

400 Million

Malware Detections Expose 2023's Surge and 2024's Emerging Threats

India’s digital boom, greatly responsible for establishing the country as one of the global economic powerhouses, has also opened the floodgates for sophisticated cyberattacks, attracting 13.7% of all global incidents. This trend is expected to escalate in 2024, necessitating businesses to reassess their security framework.

The DSCI-SEQRITE India Cyber Threat Report delves into the country’s cybersecurity landscape using threat insights derived by SEQRITE Labs from 8.5 million endpoints. It covers threats, actor activities, and vulnerabilities with a blend of strategic and technical insights for diverse audiences. Additionally, the report predicts upcoming threats, provides practical countermeasures, and offers actionable intelligence for CISOs to formulate a long-term plan.

Key Findings of 2023


Detections per min

400+ million

Detections across ~8.5 million endpoints


Detections stemmed from behaviour-based analysis


Of attacks originated from clicking malicious links


Detections originated from removable drives


Attacks per month per Android device

Troublesome Trio


~1 per 650 detections


~1 per 38,000 detections


5 million+ detections in a year

The Top Impacts

  • Type of Threat: Trojans
  • State: Telangana
  • City: Surat
  • Industry: Automobile Supply Chain

Major Cyber Threats of 2023

Cryptocurrency Conundrum

In 2023, Cryptojacking surged with open-source tools and cloud mining. Rise in NiceHashMiner observed. Security professionals must stay vigilant of malware like HonkBox, Scrubcrypt, Lucifer Trojan, and QubitStrike Campaign that are associated with Cryptojacking.

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LockBit Dominance

LockBit showcases advanced anti-forensic measures, employing tactics like clearing event logs, task termination, and service deletion. The group remains prominent through its Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, integrating a bug bounty program and innovative extortion tactics.

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The Advent of Fake Applications

A malicious Android app, irctcconnect.apk, disguised as an official IRCTC app, acted as spyware, stole credentials, tracked locations, and recorded videos. The IRCTC issued an alert urging users to exercise caution.

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Cyber Threat Predictions for 2024

  Zero-day attacks by APTs and Ransomware group
  MFA Fatigue Attacks
  LOLBins - a nightmare for Threat Researchers
  Al-Powered Malware
  Ransomware and Digital Extortion
  Deep Fake for Deceptive Social Engineering
  Exploiting Vulnerable Supply Chains
  Hacktivism continues into 2024
  Auction of corporate access and sale of breached datasets
  Event based attacks - Elections, Olympics, etc.
  Phishing/Vishing attacks & Dating App Scams

Gain exclusive insights into the major cyber threats and enhance your understanding of India’s cyber threat landscape.

Download Report