SEQRITE Quarterly Threat Report - Q1 - 2023

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Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q1 - 2023

Global industries were struck by severe cyberattacks during the first quarter of 2023, underscoring the importance of companies reassessing their IT security strategies. To stay ahead of malicious actors, please read SEQRITE's Quarterly Threat Report for Q1 2023, which provides advanced threat intelligence supported by industry statistics. Download the report now.

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Seqrite Annual Threat Report 2023

Seqrite Annual Threat Report 2023

The post-pandemic 2022 was a tumultuous year due to the geopolitical and economic downturn, which cybercriminals took advantage of. Cyberattack-as-a-Service became increasingly popular. Organizations of all sizes must create a robust cybersecurity strategy to stay secure. SEQRITE's 2023 Annual Threat Report provides an in-depth look at the most significant events, malware trends, and industry-wide statistics to help organizations prepare for the coming year.

Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q2 - 2022

2023 Cybersecurity Trend Forecast

2022 has witnessed many high-profile data breaches, including Cobalt Strike, Apache Log4J, and Lock bit. Hybrid warfare and ransomware-as-a-service were the highlights of the year. Quick Heal Security Researchers predict that cybersecurity will continue to be the top concern of the CIOs in 2023 too. Read our 2023 Cybersecurity Trend Forecast to stay informed about the future threat landscape and design your cybersecurity strategy accordingly.

Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q3 - 2022

Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q3 - 2022

Quarter 3 report provides holistic and multilayered cybersecurity trends highlighting numbers to protect people from increasing attacks. Read more from our Q3 Threat Report 2022 for detailed insights.