SEQRITE Quarterly Threat Report - Q3 - 2021

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Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q3 - 2021

In Q3, the Seqrite Threat Labs have seen an increased risk of businesses and consumers being attacked by various types of malware and remote access Trojans (RATs). The report highlights an increase in ransomware attacks, and actively exploited and trending vulnerabilities, and a rise of 37.5% in windows malware.

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Seqrite Threat Report Q2 - 2020

Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q2 - 2021

As anticipated, Q2 2021 has continued to see cyber-attacks dominating headlines, with several high-profile ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and malware making a significant impact against industries around the globe. The Seqrite Q2 2021 Threat Report dives deep into the most pressing risks and cyber threats, statistics on rising malware that have been seen in the headlines over the past few months.

Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q1 - 2021

Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report - Q1 - 2021

Security leaders predict 2021 will be a repeat of 2020 with the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. From SolarWinds attacks to DDoS assaults to cybersecurity exploits that result in a data breach, cyber-attacks present a growing threat to businesses worldwide. We have barely crossed the first quarter of 2021, and already several massive cyber-attacks have made the headlines. To help your business be secure for the coming year, we have curated a report to access valuable data on malware statistics for 2021.

Seqrite Annual Threat Report 2021

Seqrite Annual Threat Report 2021

For most of 2020, adversaries were hiding behind the shadows of a transforming enterprise landscape, courtesy to the COVID-19 pandemic. Infiltration attempts saw a noticeable shift on a newer attack surface formed due to a remote working model and changing modus operandi of businesses the world over. 2020 saw a decline in malware numbers in comparison with 2019 — we have substantiated the ‘why’ for this.