At Seqrite, we continuously push our boundaries to make cybersecurity simpler for businesses.

We're excited to introduce our evolved brand identity as a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence! Our revitalized brand persona highlights the robust capabilities of our business, demonstrated through our expanding product range, and ensures all stakeholders enjoy a meaningful and seamless experience.


Here is the story of our brand logo

The parallel lines in our logo indicate our relentless pursuit of excellence in cybersecurity. The two parallel lines also indicate the front legs of two runners hopping forward. One stands for our constant steadfast efforts in R&D and innovation. Second, demonstrates our focus on customer-centricity to provide simple and seamless cybersecurity solutions. Edge in those indicates the brand being lean & forward-looking. The black color in the logo shows professionalism, while bold red embodies our heroic spirit.

What's New?

The Favicon

What’s a Favicon? A favicon is a small, unique icon used to represent a brand.

Our favicon's parallel lines, derived from the Seqrite logo, serve as a visual representation of our brand identity. The shield symbolizes our unwavering commitment to cybersecurity, while the "S" pattern reflects our dedication to simplifying the complexities of cybersecurity and guiding our customers through them with ease.


Simplified Product Names

Seqrite has phased out the 'Hawkk' product names, opting instead for a universally recognized and simplified naming convention. This adjustment aligns our branding with industry norms and customer preferences. The goal is to improve clarity and consistency in our product lineup, streamline communication, and ensure customers readily grasp the cybersecurity solutions associated with the Seqrite brand.



HawkkWatch MDR


Seqrite MDR

HawkkHunt XDR


Seqrite XDR



Seqrite ZTNA

SEQRITE Endpoint Security


Seqrite Endpoint Protection



Seqrite Endpoint Protection Cloud



Seqrite Enterprise Mobility Management



SEQRITE Workspace


Seqrite Workspace

HawkkEye + HawkkNest


Seqrite Centralized Security Management



Seqrite Universal Agent



Seqrite Data Privacy



Seqrite Malware Analysis Platform



Seqrite EDR

What Remains Same?

While our looks and product names may have changed, our core values and purpose remain unchanged. Rest assured, you’ll get the same level of robust protection and reliability from our products and solutions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to address all your inquiries.

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