Rising productivity and increased access to employees are some of the immediate benefits that enterprises are seeing due to the rollout of their mobility initiatives. IT teams though, see this as an overwhelming challenge, that of managing and securing business data and applications on mobile devices.

Get to know the mSuite, a best-in-class enterprise mobility management software powered by Artificial Intelligence, that is capable to manage the complete spectrum of businesses on-the-go. With advance features such as device, security, application and data management and monitoring, mSuite has great potential to solve all your problems about enterprise mobility.


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Get the M Confidence

M confidence stands behind enterprises to be decisive and confident in rolling-out enterprise mobility through its superior AI-driven mobile security and management attributes.

  • Mobilize your workforce
  • Manage devices remotely
  • Keep your data secure
  • Ramp-up business productivity

  Single console management for all devices

  Cloud as well as on premise offering

  Comprehensive mobile security and anti-theft

  Remote device control and file management

Get the flexibility and control to secure your data on any device

Device Management

Single console management for all devices

  • Enroll devices in minutes
  • Remotely ring, lock/unlock, locate/trace and wipe devices
  • Group devices and apply policies and configurations
  • Track devices on map in real-time

Security Management

Comprehensive mobile security and anti-theft

  • Built-in antivirus that keeps the devices safe
  • Remotely wipe data on lost or stolen devices
  • Remotely schedule a Quick Scan/Full Scan on enrolled devices at any time
  • Excellent browsing, phishing, and web protection
  • Third Party SMS gateway integration for SMS notification

App Management

Seamlessly manage and secure the apps running on the devices

  • Push apps and updates from server to the mobile devices
  • Blacklist or whitelist apps
  • Allow users to download apps on-demand through enterprise app store
  • Establish control over the use of apps
  • Transform the device to use single app for single-purpose with system kiosk mode

Data Monitoring & Management

Stay in control of all your critical data

  • Define digital boundaries by applying restrictions on devices with Wi-Fi, Geo, and Time fence
  • Monitor data usage over Mobile, Wi-Fi networks
  • Get interactive reports giving graphical summaries
  • Enhanced security with multiple default policies, which can be customized for compliance
  • Remotely transfer files
  • Bulk File Distribution from console to Android devices

What's New

Schedule Reports

Get rid of the frequent hassle of visiting console to download reports, by easily scheduling automatic export of reports on a scheduled basis.

Group Level Administrator

Create Group Level Admins with rights to manage members of specific groups.

Improved Dashboard

Enhanced dashboard with detailed informatics like Available device Storage, Battery levels, Device Manufacturer, etc. for a quick snapshot of mobility.

Notification Preference

An easy escape from overwhelming number of notifications with the privilege to receive only preferred notifications on the console as well as on emails.

Empower your enterprise mobility initiatives

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