Securing user access to enterprise applications across borderless workspaces

Enforce a zero-trust user access paradigm across employees, contractors, or vendor staff who need access to enterprise applications and services, whether inside or outside the corporate network. Seqrite HawkkProtect enables organizations to wrap security around every user, every device, and every connection - every time. It helps to create a zero-trust ecosystem with controlled set of users and applications. This will help organizations to expand their security appetite.

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Endpoint Threat Detection

Holistic Zero Trust Security Network Access Architecture Model


Leverage Zero-trust Cognizance

Enforce zero-trust user access policies for every employee, contractor, or vendor staff accessing all types of enterprise applications and services.


Monitor User-Activity in Real-time

With advanced correlation between all users, services and applications, organizations can view connection flow between them across organizational IT infrastructure in real-time.


Contextual zero-trust policies

Classify user-entity landscape based on business context. Implement zero-trust model policies based on set classification and security requirements.

Implement Proactive Zero Trust Security to operationalize
an agile security strategy in a hybrid enterprise

Data Security Services

Scale Response with Confidence, Speed and Accuracy

  • Quick and easy onboarding of users, applications, and services.
  • Get to deploy-readiness within a few minutes.
  • Start simple (with few users and few apps) and later scale to expand.
  • The solution easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure for identity management.
Enterprise Security Software

Deliver Security with visual-first zero trust service for admins

  • Rich graphical views to understand how users are accessing corporate applications
  • Use business tags or labels applied on users and applications to define policies; Defined policies fluidly accommodate user changes in your enterprise
XDR Cyber Security

Zero Trust Security – A key to a Digital and agile strategy

  • Leverage client-less access to empower the broadest set of users
  • Existing customers from Seqrite HawkkEye platform viz, HawkkScan, HawkkHunt, and Seqrite Endpoint Security Service (EPS) cloud can avail HawkkProtect to protect their enterprise applications
Advanced Threat Protection
2017's WannaCry attack, reported to have affected endpoints
$0 Million
average economic impact of a successful breach
of breaches start on endpoint devices
of the above incidents are Zero-Day Attacks!

A Secure Remote Access solution with
Contextual Zero-Trust access policy with Visual First approach

With SEQRITE’s HawkkProtect, the emphasis is shifted from safeguarding networks to securing individuals, devices, resources and connections by leveraging the least privilege approach.

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Advanced protection that proactively detects and prevents malicious activity which may exploit application vulnerabilities.

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