Seqrite Workspace

Seqrite Workspace is designed to use primarily & exclusively for enterprises planning to roll-out BYOD functionality for its employees. The product helps employees to work on their personal devices seamlessly without jeopardizing enterprise collateral.

Seqrite Workspace is available on Android as well as iOS Mobile Operating Systems.

Seqrite Workspace comes with an easy-tounderstand, lucid dashboard through which you can easily analyze your employees’ engagement rates about working from the Seqrite Workspace App.

Along with the base package of E-mail, Calendar and Contacts, Seqrite Workspace additionally includes a secure browser, a vault which is a central repository securely holding enterprise documents, a secure camera and intelligent text-specific modules.

Seqrite Workspace integrates with Office 365, G Suite, Zimbra, Zoho, IMAP/POP, etc.

Seqrite Workspace comes with a comprehensive console through which IT Admins can easily configure every capability according to business policy. The console is pre-loaded with a variety of policies and profiles to configure Seqrite Workspace capabilities as per business requirements.

Seqrite Workspace will not get installed on rooted or jailbroken devices.

IT Admins can Whitelist & Blacklist websites based on URLs and keywords within the secure browser in the Workspace. Once you decide what you want to allow or disallow, your admins can deploy your choices in the blink of an eye.

No, you cannot deny the uninstallation of Seqrite Workspace since it is an employees’ personal device. However, in an event where an employee uninstalls the app, the administrator will be alerted on the dashboard.

On re-installation, it works as a newly installed application. The employee needs to re-configure his official email inside the Seqrite Workspace email client. On doing so, emails and other related information (like contacts and calendar) will auto-populate. However, data saved inside the vault will be lost.

Seqrite Workspace has an over the air function to wipe the Workspace from the device. This is a management command from the secure management console which can only be accessed by a qualified administrator and will wipe Seqrite Workspace and all data from the device.

Seqrite Workspace includes a policy for a feature called ‘Time Bomb’. When enabled the administrator will define a period of time (i.e. 30 days) and if the Seqrite Workspace client on the device has not checked in with the secure management server, the Seqrite Workspace client on the device will automatically wipe itself.

Seqrite Workspace has thoughtfully provisioned all the essential enterprise Apps for its users.

No, this product functions in conjunction with Seqrite’s mSuite, a complete EMM solution. In order to obtain Seqrite Workspace, mSuite has to be pre-installed.

Seqrite Workspace creates a virtual boundary between employees’ personal data and enterprise data on phones. IT Admins can only control the use of Seqrite Workspace on employee phones.

All software can, in theory, be hacked. However, Seqrite Workspace has taken all the necessary precautions that are available today to protect against hacking.

Seqrite Workspace and the secure management server have been designed to scale according to the size of the deployment.

Our app's use of information received from Google APIs adheres to Google API User Data Policy, including the Limited Use Requirements.


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