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Setting A New Benchmark In Cloud-Delivered Endpoint Security, SEQRITE Introduces EPS Cloud v2.0

Offers a host of features like as Application Control, Web Security, Device Control, and simplified management for holistic protection against emerging threats

26 September 2023, Pune: SEQRITE, the enterprise cybersecurity solutions arm of Quick Heal, proudly unveils EPS Cloud v2.0, a groundbreaking leap in endpoint security empowered by the cloud. This significant upgrade revolutionizes security management for organizations worldwide, offering unparalleled control over their digital defenses.

In the realm of cloud-driven security hosted endpoint protection offers advantages such as cloud-based management, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of deployment. EPS Cloud v2.0 introduces an array of cutting-edge features, including the Application Control Safelist, empowering users with total command over application permissions and monitoring, fostering a Zero Trust Security environment. With Web Security, organizations can seamlessly regulate access to platforms like Google and YouTube, ensuring corporate utilization while restricting personal use.

Simplified management is a cornerstone of this release, enabling effortless migrations from on-premises deployment, streamlining administrative tasks, and instilling a profound sense of security. Furthermore, EPS Cloud v2.0's Device Control capabilities empower organizations to efficiently oversee USB tethering and extend device access, enhancing both flexibility and security.

Vishal Salvi, CEO of Quick Heal Technologies Limited, emphasized, "In the context of cloud-centric security, hosted endpoint protection brings with it notable benefits, including scalability, cost-efficiency, and simplified deployment. Therefore, in today's dynamic cyber threat landscape, safeguarding the cloud via hosted solution is more efficient offering overall improved security. EPS Cloud v2.0 represents a significant milestone in endpoint security technology. This release underscores our commitment to innovation, simplifying cybersecurity, and ensuring seamless user experiences. At SEQRITE, we believe security should propel growth, not impede it. EPS Cloud v2.0 is a testament to our dedication to making robust cybersecurity accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to navigate the digital world securely and effortlessly."

SEQRITE continues its pledge to deliver adaptive security solutions that evolve alongside the ever-changing threat landscape. For more information about SEQRITE EPS Cloud v2.0 and its features, please visit


SEQRITE is a leading enterprise cybersecurity solutions provider. With a focus on simplifying cybersecurity, SEQRITE delivers comprehensive solutions and services through our patented, AI/ML powered tech stack to protect businesses against the latest threats by securing devices, applications, networks, cloud, data and identity. SEQRITE is the Enterprise arm of the global cybersecurity brand, Quick Heal Technologies Limited, the only listed cybersecurity products and solutions company in India. We are the first and only Indian company to have solidified India’s position on the global map by collaborating with the Govt. of the USA on its NIST NCCoE’s Data Classification project. We are differentiated by our easy-to-deploy, seamless-to-integrate comprehensive solutions providing highest level of protection against emerging and sophisticated threats powered by state of-the-art threat intelligence and play books backed by world-class service provided by best-in class security experts. Today, 30000+ enterprises in more than 76 countries trust SEQRITE with their cybersecurity needs.

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