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Ransomware is dangerous and capable enough to damage the entire fabric of an enterprise. Typically, this malware penetrates business frameworks from a plethora of channels and locks business systems or files. Hackers try and monetize the attack by asking for ransom through electronic banking systems or cryptocurrencies. If stakeholders deny the ransom, hackers erase everything they have locked.

We are talking about brutal attacks happening via web surfing, social media, corporate email, business networks, and more. Ransomware is an unstoppable, destructive phenomenon having the ability to implode the enterprise. Without ransomware decryption software, all organizations are vulnerable to malicious attacks. Take a look at the statistics below.

444,259 The number of ransomware attacks that enterprises witnessed in 2018
$11.5 billion The risk of the cost for enterprises as ransomware payouts by the end of 2019
229% The percentage of ransomware spike in the first six months of 2018 as compared to the same period in 2017

Seqrite is the enterprise arm of Quick Heal, a cybersecurity pioneer researching internet security for 25 years. To convert fiction into facts, we asked our Security Labs to gauge Malware statistics. The results were jaw-dropping:

  • The first six months of 2019 saw 98 Ransomware attacks per 60 minutes *
  • Hackers that used Grand Crab to initiate their cyberattacks have earned more than $2.5 billion from its inception till its retirement *
  • Q1-2019 saw 17,000 Crypto-jacking instances, a day *

Considering the alarming statistics, Seqrite, one of the Cybersecurity leaders in the Asian subcontinent for enterprise cybersecurity launched a 100% free ransomware file decryption and removal tool for businesses. This ultimate decrypter software has already helped many companies in India and worldwide.

Seqrite is the only Indian Company to be patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its AI-powered Anti-Ransomware technology. With 30,000+ customers, Seqrite's ransomware removal tool comes pre-built with Data Loss Protection and is validated by AV-Test for quality and efficacy. We've also earned a lot of recognition for being one of the best ransomware decrypt tools in the industry.

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*Please refer to the Q2 2019 Seqrite threat report for complete insights

**EPS has been awarded the best endpoint security product globally by AV-Test.org