Seqrite EDR

In order to serve our customers that specifically require on-premise deployment of their Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform, Seqrite has technologically integrated with Revbits, a vendor that brings intuitive, high performance security software that blocks the most advanced security threats.

As an entirely on premise deployed solution, by Seqrite Endpoint Detection and Response solution gives complete control and access to the breached system from anywhere. Customers can now conduct own investigations and analyses with the file management system, RAM imagery capture, and easy-to-use Seqrite EDR platform.

Why Seqrite EDR?

Three-Phase Analysis Of New Executables

New executables are isolated and analyzed, before release, to protect the network. The analysis is conducted first with signature comparisons; second with machine learning verification, and third by behavioral analysis.

Advanced Exploit Detection

Our Endpoint Detection & Response' exploit detection is layered on top of vulnerable applications and processes, including, but not limited to, web browsers, desktop publishing software (such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader) and others.

Process Recording

Our Endpoint Detection & Response records all process execution and termination information, including their hashes (MD5, SHA1 and SHA2), workstation, username and timestamp for six months.

Effective Anti-Ransomware Module

Through its sophisticated filesystem sandboxing feature, Our Endpoint Detection & Response can detect and block all types of simple and sophisticated ransomware

Control Usb Devices

System administrators can establish extensive USB device policy through the built in USB manager environment.

Host-Based Firewall

System administrators can fine tune network and firewall rules for both individual workstations, as well as groups of workstations.

Immediate Host Isolation

Automatically or manually protect the network by confining hosts that are potentially infected.

Automatic Forensic Evidence Extraction

On-demand or automatic pre-shutdown forensic evidence extraction to assist in fast incident response.

Advanced Notification System

Our Endpoint Detection & Response integrates seamlessly with all SIEM solutions. Additionally, administrators will receive SMS and email notification when an incident occurs.

Seqrite EDR Response Module

  • Truly Inventive

    Two US Patents for a unique technological advancement to detect and block signed and unsigned drivers from accessing the kernel.

  • Total Control At A Distance

    System Administrators can remotely dump process memory, raw disk, and raw drive dump.

  • Command Line Capable

    Powershell and command line prompt terminal to interact with all remote endpoints.

  • Complete Seqrite EDR Menu

    Interact with remote endpoints to include: Process, File Explorer, Registry Explorer, Command Console, Services, Drivers, Anti-root Kit, Startup and Tools

  • GUI Control Over All Endpoints

    Graphical Interface for all remote endpoint EDR operations.

  • Deep Control Of Endpoints

    Interact with remote endpoints to control registry explorer, file explorer, process explorer with process tree hierarchy.

Seqrite EDR Use Cases

Reduce The Chance Of A Successful Malicous Execution

Our Endpoint Detection & Response protects against all types of endpoint threats in any kind of network through its unique three-phased analysis of new executables. From the least sophisticated to the most sophisticated malware, Our Endpoint Detection & Response is designed to detect and block its execution and save the network from a costly breach.

Stop Malware Before From Executing

By isolating and thoroughly analyzing new executables the possibility of a successful attack is highly diminished.

Thorough Forensics

By compiling highly useful information regarding executions, scripts, and commands the system administrators time spent on triage and cleanup are highly reduced. This capability expands the capability to meet compliance needs and standards

Reduce The Need To Hire Outside Remediation And Forensics Firms

Our Endpoint Detection & Response module allows system administrators to conduct internal network investigations which minimizes the need for outside resource utilization.

Reduce The Success Of The Insider Threat

The cost to the organization posed by an Insider Threat is substantial. Costs associated with breaches and data theft can be mitigated and controlled through the extensive USB policy management capability of Our Endpoint Detection & Response

Our Value Proposition

  • Intuitive Dashboard Revealing Actionable Insights

    Our Endpoint Detection & Response provides an easy-to-understand, real-time view of threats through its modern web interface. The dashboard presents extensive historical information of all executables in a clear and simple mosaic, and maintains detailed process information for six months. Single-click hash whitelisting or blacklisting is also available.

  • Complete Visibility And Control With Our Seqrite EDR

    Thorough, low-level details of processes, threads, registry, filesystem and kernel are visible and controllable through Our Seqrite EDR GUI, not a simple command-line. System administrators can execute commands in powershell or command prompt on workstations. Single click forensic evidence extraction, memory imaging and dish imaging features make Our Seqrite EDR the most sophisticated EDR solution on the market.

  • Catchand Contain Malware At The Endpoint

    Our Endpoint Detection & Response conducts a unique three-phase analysis on all new executables. This analysis includes signature scanning, machine learning and behavioral analysis, which maximizes the accuracy of malware detection and minimizes false positives.

  • Detailed Historical Information Of All Executed Commands

    Our Endpoint Detection & Response records and reports all executed commands and scripts in all command and script interpreters including Windows Command Prompt, Powershell, VBScript and JScript

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