Seqrite Emergency Disk Package

To create a Seqrite Emergency Bootable Disk you will need to download the following package:

Download Emergency Disk Package

For 32-bit Operating System please download following package
For 64-bit Operating System please download following package

To identify whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System please refer this page.

Download Instructions:

  • Please download the appropriate package based on your Operating System.
  • Once the download is completed, please extract the package in a folder. For example C:\my documents\qhemgpkg. We recommend that you do not delete this folder once you have created the Emergency Bootable Disk (CD/DVD/USB disk). This folder will be needed in the future while creating latest Emergency Bootable Disk.
  • Provide the extracted package folder path in the ‘Create Emergency Disk’ wizard and continue with the instructions provided in the wizard.

Note: Creating Emergency Disk using CD/DVD is not supported on Microsoft Windows 2003 and earlier versions.However, you can create Emergency Disk on USB drives.