Peace of Mind with the all-new UTM 2.5

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  Tuesday, 11th August 2020
  Time: 3:30 PM IST   |   10 AM GMT
  60 minutes
(Including 20 minutes of interactive Q & A)

The Seqrite UTM 2.5 built for small and medium-sized businesses comes packed with a centralized console, thereby doing away with the need to manage individual appliances. Now that is "peace-of-mind" guaranteed!

Attend this webinar on "Peace of Mind with the all-new UTM 2.5" and discover how the new and improved UTM 2.5 allows organizations to apply policies across a group of UTM peer appliances from a central portal. Thanks to the powerful Centralized Management System (CMS), businesses can now benefit by faster implementation of policies & alerts over geographically distributed UTM appliances from a single centralized console.

This webinar will help you to get a ringside view of the new product and its benefits. The session will also help you understand its unique selling proposition and how your small and medium-sized clients can benefit and do away with the hassles of managing multiple appliances.

Key Takeaways


Challenges in managing distributed UTM appliances


Understand how all-new UTM 2.5 addresses these challenges


Business benefits achieved with the new and improved UTM 2.5

Featured Speaker

Feroz Kareem

Feroz Kareem

Senior Product Manager - Seqrite UTM
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.

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