Webinar on Java RAT Campaign Targetting Co-Operative Banks in India

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  Monday, 15th June 2020
  4:30 PM IST | 11:00 AM GMT
  60 minutes
(Including 20 minutes of interactive Q & A)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a majority of employees in the Indian banking sector to work remotely. This rapid transition has brought forward numerous security challenges in handling sensitive data. One major challenge of which even the adversaries are aware of is email, or more specifically, malicious attachments penetrating the enterprise through emails.

Seqrite’ Security Labs detected an advanced malware that goes by the name Adwind Java RAT attacking co-operative banks through malicious attachments coming through emails. Once successful, this attack can demolish the core of the business by executing various malicious activities. Due to its sophisticated build, it can launch incidents of keylogging, capturing screenshots, downloading additional payloads, and getting user information, all capable in causing maximum damage.

We are taking the initiative to host a session to educate our esteemed clients on the perils of this attack. Register for Seqrite’s free & live webinar where industry veterans discuss this attack in detail and suggest measures for banking businesses to cope up with it.

Key Takeaways


Details of Adwind JAVA RAT attack on co-operative banks


The potential impact on banking institutions of such attacks


Precautions that banks should take to keep them safe against such attacks

Featured Speakers

Mr Sanjay Katkar

Joint MD & CTO,
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.

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Mr Sanjay Katkar
Mr Himanshu Dubey

Mr Himanshu Dubey

Head of Security Labs,
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.

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Time Left: 02 Day / 22 Hrs / 43 Min / 25 Sec