Seqrite MobiSMART Seqrite MobiSMART

MobiSMART provides a secure application platform for employees accessing enterprise mobile productivity apps on BYOD or CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) devices. The defense-grade container employs FIPS-compliant, AES 256-bit encryption to secure your organization’s proprietary data and IP both on employees’ devices and in transit to the datacenter.

Seqrite MobiSMART

Single sign on for all applications

Insulates business data and personal data with Full Desktop Experience on Mobile Devices

Enhanced productivity with Microsoft Office 365 Integrated

Quick and easy configuration with Specialized for BYOD or COPE Environments

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  • Separates personal user data from business data
  • Containerized, encrypted NIST-validated security
  • Easy enrollment by end-user (Zero touch for IT)
  • Enhanced productivity
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Get the flexibility and control to secure your data on any device

Email Client

Securely access your enterprise Exchange email account in a self-contained workspace. Supports email attachments, links and antivirus scans

Secure Browser

Browsing the web can not be more secure than inside our military grade encrypted and audit-compliant container

Email Contacts

Global Address List (GAL) allows secure access of your enterprise Exchange contacts. Your organization's GAL is stored on the device and hence supports off-line access for ease of use

Notes & Calendar

Notes that you took or a meeting reminder you would rather keep private can now be accessed securely through MobiSMART ensuring your organization’s info stays indoors.

System Requirement

Operating system

  • Android: 6.0 minimum disk space 200 MB.
  • iOS: 11.0 minimum disk space 200 MB.

Browser compatibility for console

  • Chrome (Latest versions)
  • Safari (Latest versions)
  • EDGE (Latest versions)
  • Firefox (Latest versions)
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Advanced protection that proactively detects and prevents malicious activity which may exploit application vulnerabilities.

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