Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management allows enterprises to grant their employees the privilege of mobile productivity without boundaries. With the ability to secure the mobile workspace, MDM is a precursor for all enterprises.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Key Benefits

Cloud-based device management solution

Easily accessible cloud-based device management solution.

Complete IT visibility

Complete IT visibility of all the mobile devices connected within the enterprise.

Anti-theft features

Flexible deployment of policies, robust anti-theft features.

App Control

Comprehensive app control to regulate all the apps that devices can and cannot install.


Customized Solution

Flexibility to leverage the on-premise or Cloud-based deployment that best suits your business needs.

Easy Device Enrollment

Effortless device enrollment and real-time sync of policies via multiple options.

Remote Device Control

Remotely troubleshoot issues by taking access of the device on field. View and control the device screen, take screenshots, and access files and folders.

Seqrite Launcher and Kiosk Mode

Control the usage of apps on the device by allowing selective and authorized apps in an organization. Kiosk Mode allows single app usage on the device and promotes restricted device usage.

Ingenious Business-driven Security

Real time built-in antivirus protection. Broadcast applicable security with Web protection, anti-theft, geolocation tacking etc.

Virtual Fencing

Restrict device usage and functionality with virtual boundaries. Trigger virtual boundaries with the help of geolocation, time, or Wi-Fi data.

Custom Reporting

View comprehensive and actionable reports about all the connected devices within the enterprise.

Application Control

Remotely manage/install/block apps in order to maintain policy compliance and productivity within the network.

App Store

Publish custom applications to enterprise app store. Allow users to download apps on-demand through enterprise app store.

Unified Management Console

Manage and synchronize all the connected devices through a centralized graphical interface.

Network Data Monitoring

View data usage details over mobile networks, Wi-Fi or roaming data. Monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls and SMSs on enterprise mobile devices.

Critical Actions

Perform critical actions on the device such as sync, scan, block, locate & trace, push fence configuration, ring, wipe, etc.

System Requirement

Virtual Appliance Hardware Requirements:

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