Seqrite Cybersecurity Summit

2020: A New Paradigm in Cyber Security


11 October 2019


Ahmedabad, India

About the Confluence

Cybersecurity will be the paramount component for enterprises to adapt to starting with the year 2020 until the end of the decade that succeeds it. Infosec pioneer Seqrite is conducting an exclusive summit for business stakeholders through a congenial evening for an in-depth discussion on emerging Cybersecurity paradigms.

"Seqrite Cybersecurity Summit deep dives into the current and future challenges of Security Leaders and the role of AI technologies such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning in shaping the future of cybersecurity.”
  • Dr. Sanjay Katkar
Dr. Sanjay Katkar

Joint Managing Director & CTO, Quick Heal Technologies

Winds of Change

This confluence covers and delivers meaningful insights into the future of cybersecurity.

Data Security Investments

Why does the DSGF want to prioritize investments in data security?

Cloud Security

Cloud vulnerabilities to threats and why to invest in securing the Cloud?

AI in Cybersecurity

How AI-based technologies such as Deep Learning are bolstering businesses against malware?

Global Data Compliance

Regulatory bodies all over the world are rolling-out strict data compliance laws.

Ransomware of the Future

The worrying landscape of ransomware damages to the enterprise and steps to cope up.

Centre of Excellence

Renewed Interests in Implementing Security Operations Center

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Learn New Things and Network with People
Be a part of A great 360-Degree Cybersecurity Event.


We have designed curated and bespoke content for our esteemed guests delivered through the minds of Seqrite's experienced product experts.

Mr. Feroz Kareem
Product Manager, Network Security,
Mr. Taslimkha Tadvi
Product Manager, Endpoint Protection,

Who is attending?

Considering that the session beams with exclusive insights on the Cybersecurity domain, IT leaders will be the first to gain brand new information about the latest trends to integrate into their IT Infrastructure Framework.
Technological evangelists such as CSOs and CISOs can get fantastic exposure on how Cybersecurity is shaping up in the near future helping them build a roadmap for policies, training and budget allocations for the enterprise.
The confluence will be stressing on Cybersecurity opening up a plethora of ideas for entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes aiding them in understanding the integration of newer security trends and providing inputs on innovative product ideas.