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Secure Web Gateway

Seqrite Secure Web Gateway is a HTTP Proxy Server specially designed for web security. You should use Seqrite Secure Web Gateway for securely distributing Internet access across large network and to protect your enterprise against productivity losses, and collateral losses.

Seqrite Secure Web Gateway support LINUX.

  • You should block access to personal Google accounts.
  • You should give Read only access to sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Users will be able to login into their accounts, but they will not be able to post or comment or like or chat.
  • You should enforce safe search or safety mode-based searches in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine. We can enforce it on any websites that offers safety mode-based search.
  • You should block images over Google.
  • You should filter text, Images over HTTP, and HTTPS sites.
  • You should allow specified users to access or to login into specified HTTP and HTTPS sites and block others.
  • You should use Virus scanning for both HTTP and HTTPS sites.
  • You should block attachments to Gmail and can block Gmail Chat.

Yes, you can integrate an LDAP service like Microsoft Active Directory or Open LDAP with Seqrite Secure Web Gateway if your network enterprises that has many users, that can manage user credentials via a centralized system.

Microsoft’s Active Directory, and Open LDAP based on various Directory Services are extremely popular for setting up a centralized user identity management system.

A Web Gateway when integrated to a Directory Service can:

  • Authenticate the users based on their Directory Service Credentials.
  • Control their access to the web depending upon their enterprise role and hierarchy.
  • Log and report their activity, in a manner that the HR managers can analyse internet usage of individuals as well as groups of people.

Yes, you can prevent users from uploading confidential data using Seqrite Secure Web Gateway.

When you have confidential information in the organization and someone from internal users leaks the information intentionally or unintentionally, then what happens? Huge collateral damage to the organization.

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