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Unified console to simplify managing and protecting all your endpoints from cyber threats

Think Multi-layered Security

Invest in a security software that puts several layers of security between your computer and malware threats such as ransomware.



    Blocks threats from reaching you over a network or the Internet.



    Blocks infected & harmful websites.


    Spam Protection

    Blocks emails carrying malware.



    Detects and blocks all types of malware.



    Proactively detects and blocks ransomware threats.

AI Enabled Deep Predictive Malware Hunting Technology

state of the art malware protection

Data Backup & Restore Tool

Data Backup & Restore Tool

Proactively takes a backup of your files multiple times a day and stores it in a secured location. These files can be restored in case of a ransomware attack.

Info Our Support Team can guide you through the entire process.

Behavior-based detection

Behavior-based detection

Real-time analysis of a program’s behavior once it enters a system. Any malicious program carrying out suspicious activities is blocked immediately before it can cause any damage.

Signature-based detection

Signature-based detection

Detects known ransomware by analyzing their signatures (signature is like a fingerprint that can be used to detect and identify specific viruses).

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Keeps a constant check on new files that get downloaded on your computer.

Simplify Cybersecurity

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