Is cybersecurity a part of your financial budget for 2017-18?

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Why should cybersecurity be a part of your financial budget for 2017-18?

However big or small, cybersecurity threats should be treated with caution. Cybercriminals will continue in their pursuit for business secrets and money by targeting enterprises with advanced malware threats and ransomware attacks. What needs to be changed is enterprise spending towards cybersecurity and enacting a modern cybersecurity strategy to prevent information loss, minimize the potential damage of security breaches and ensure 100% network security and integrated protection for enterprise devices.

Enacting a modern cybersecurity strategy requires an effective budgeting plan. If 2016 was the year of ransomware attacks, then 2017 should be focused on building a comprehensive cybersecurity budget to protect enterprise networks before attackers strike!

Seqrite: Security Partner for a robust enterprise cybersecurity strategy


Proactive Endpoint Protection

Our solutions offer a multi-layered security approach to enterprise protection strategy by combatting advanced malware and real-time threats, detecting vulnerabilities and remediating them with a centrally managed patch management feature.

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Comprehensive control over business data

Seqrite’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is designed to help enterprises establish control over their data by preventing confidential data from being leaked out of an organization’s network.

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Advanced protection against ransomware attacks

Seqrite’s anti-ransomware feature runs on an advanced behavior-based and signature-based detection technology and blocks ransomware infections from entering a system. 559240 ransomware attacks successfully blocked by Seqrite from Nov to Dec 2016.

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Build your Security Budget with SEQRITE

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