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Mobile Device Management (MDM)



Mobile Device Management allows enterprises to grant their employees the privilege of mobile productivity without boundaries. With the ability to secure the mobile workspace, MDM is a precursor for all enterprises.

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Features of Mobile Device Management

Cloud-based Solution

Cloud-based functionality enables companies to deploy and modulate the solution within minutes.

Unified Management Console

Manage and synchronize all connected devices through a centralized graphical interface.

Custom Reporting

IT administrators can view comprehensive and actionable reports about all connected devices within the enterprise.

Easy Enrollment

Easy enrollment allows users to complete registration and sync policies within minutes via emails or text messages, irrespective of their location.

Security Management

Features such as browsing protection, web filtering, anti-theft, geolocation tracking and more ensure the safety of enterprise devices.

Application Control

Apps can be remotely managed/installed/blocked in order to maintain policy compliance and productivity within the network.

Network Data Monitoring

Admins can view data usage details over mobile networks, Wi-Fi or roaming data and they can also monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS’s on enterprise mobile devices.

Virtual Fencing

Preset virtual boundaries that restrict device usage and functionality. These boundaries can be triggered by geolocation-based, time-based or Wi-Fi network-based data.

Seqrite Launcher

Admins can control and completely customize how mobile devices function within the enterprise. This feature allows the usage of only those apps and functions that are chosen by the enterprise.

Key Benefits

  • Easily accessible cloud-based device management solution.
  • Flexible deployment of policies, robust anti-theft features.
  • Complete IT visibility of all the mobile devices connected within the enterprise.
  • Comprehensive app control to regulate all the apps that devices can and cannot install.

System Requirement

Compatible with Android 4.2.X (Jelly Bean) and above, iOS 7 and above, and Windows Phone 8.1.